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"Back in the swing of things"

I came to Dianova seeking strength for what I had been going through. I had very little money and needed to get away from the violence I was experiencing on the outside. Strength was what I needed and sobriety was a start. The violence of being in the wrong places at the wrong times was causing me to lose ground on my future and accomplishments.

I needed a refresher course.

At Dianova I relearned to pick myself up when I was down and get back into the swing of things with twice the effort. I re-educated myself on the wrong Drugs and Alcohol can do and the effects they have on me. I also learned to work with a team. The changes and improvements came with effort cause I was catching a lot of colds and suffer from mental disorder. I noticed that even when I was sick in my room, I would keep up with home work and ask for some, consciously making an effort to do more and improve.

After a while peoples efforts to derail my program with negative feed on things did not affect me in negative ways because I learned to overcome people’s bad influence and habits. I got through these problems with other people by going to counsellors and getting answers rather than being victimized by their attempts at derailing my program. It shows, because I’m still here and they’ve left the program...

I was facing difficulties in my emotional states, I was more sympathetic to people and this became a burden. I learned to be more empathetic and manage the problems better. Using empathy I would get through the tough times with others and succeed in my attempts with a clear vision.

I am very proud of getting these strengths built at Dianova because they were a cause for many problems and stresses I had faced with stalkers and rapists in my life. On the outside I have a small job washing windows from time to time. I have a caring family and good support for things I want to do. I plan on continuing my reinsertion to further my gardening skills and get forward with gardening and landscaping. I have saved up some money for a scooter and it will get me some more mobility in my jobs. I also would like to get involved in writing classes and photography for a while. In gardening jobs I would like to take care of house plants for people and make some money.

 Right now I need to collect myself on mental health issues and get forward with life. Going to a reinsertion will help me strengthen on my mental sickness issues. I still have to be careful of people who would derail my efforts on a lot of the work I have done for myself and the lessons I’ve learned at Dianova will help me succeed.