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Real Estate

Instead of Selling, you Can Now Donate your Real Estate Property to Dianova


House . Rooming House . Duplex . Triplex . Quadriplex . Apartment Building . Hotel . Commercial . Land

Dianova Canada needs your unneeded real estate in order to recycle it into a valuable property which can benefit those who need it most in your community.

We will turn your property into a much-neededtreatment center, social lodging or warehouse space.

A memorial plaque will be installed at the entrance of the building honouring your valuable gift and lasting legacy in your name or that of a loved one.

We will issue, to you or your company, a tax receipt for the current fair market value of your property which can provide you with tax benefits making the transaction more profitable than that of selling your building, depending upon your circumstances.

Why Donate your Real Estate Property?

  • You wish to improve your community
  • Your property does not produce sufficient revenues
  • Your property will never reach its potential
  • Managing your property is a headache
  • Maintaining your property is expensive
  • Your building is empty
  • Your building requires repairs
  • You no longer need your property
  • You are relocating
  • You inherited a property that you don’t want
  • You would like to enjoy peace of mind


Financial Benefits of Donating your Real Estate

  • Quick liquidation of an unneeded asset
  • Your property produces a negative cash flow
  • Your property is fully depreciated
  • No Capital Gains taxes to pay
  • You wish to enjoy current and future tax benefits
  • You receive a tax receipt for the current fair market value while you bought the property at a fraction of its current value
  • No real estate broker commissions to pay
  • Idle real estate costs you money
  • You would like to equalize your estate among your heirs by purchasing life insurance with part of your tax savings – which will produce tax-free cash for your heirs thereby avoiding family disagreement

Honours Board

Every donor of more than 5,000$ will be acknowledged on Dianova's Honours Board.

Most important of all

You care about your community and wish to help those in need around you.


Please contact our DONATION SERVICE

Telephone: 514-875-7013

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