About us


The dianova network

Established in 11 countries of Europe and the Americas, the Dianova network is composed of non-profit member NGO's that are dedicated to providing social programs and developing innovative initiatives in the fields of youth development, education and addiction prevention and treatment (misuse or abuse of alcohol and other drugs).

activities of the dianova network

Dianova activities are in an ongoing state of development, they presently consist of the following:

  • Residential programs in therapeutic communities which are dedicated to detoxification and treatment for adults and adolescents engaged in the misuse or abuse of alcohol and other drugs (detoxification and treatment);
  • Residential programs for the maintenance, or reduction, of substitution drugs.
  • Educational and remedial residential programs for at-risk adolescents (behavior troubles, school dropout, cannabis abuse, etc.);
  • Programs for socially vulnerable women with addiction problems, and who have dependant children;
  • Housing and reintegration programs for socially vulnerable people, including street youths, abused women and those who are homeless;
  • Motivational, relapse-prevention and other counseling programs and activities;
  • Primary and secondary education for children either from the street or from low-income, rural families;
  • Personal development programs for children and adolescents;
  • Residential program for unaccompanied foreign adolescents