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International relations, 2009

Throughout 2009, Dianova intensified international relations by strengthening and deepening relationships with established contacts and creating new contacts to reinforce its presence and the visibility of its brand in organizations and institutions with a high level of global prestige.

New York (USA
In New York, Dianova primarily focused on maintaining presence in the UN forums. It also actively participated in commissions and events with other NGOs. During 2009, it also began the analysis to apply for general ECOSOC status.

Dianova has maintained a continual and rewarding dialogue with the WFTC President, Antonio Gelormino, who considers the organization as part of his “resources”. Dianova in Portugal has been invited to participate in the WFTC Genoa Institute 2010, which will be held in Genoa in October 2010.
The relationship with CONGO is increasingly more fluid and there is a continual information exchange in the areas related to funds, activities and commissions.CONGO has provided interesting data about SPYM and advice about starting relations with NGO networks in India.

Paris (France)
In March, a meeting was organized in the UNESCO headquarters with the aim to strengthen bonds between both international organizations. It was of great interest to establish a first line of work in the area of education for Latin America for two reasons: the localization of regional offices for UNESCO education in Santiago de Chile and the implementation of an educational project for Dianova in this country.

Vienna (Austria) 
Dianova International began activities with the UNODC in Vienna with attendance at the annual CND meeting on 8-12 March. Its active presence has extended to other organizations, especially to VNGOC and the Global Sports Youth.

Dianova became a member of the VNGOC Advisory Board, in the capacity of “Deputy-Secretary”, which has enabled it to participate directly in Board meetings, in the design of the strategic and operational plans, as well as to establish relations with officials, authorities and other NGO’s at the highest level.

Lima (Peru) 
Dianova is on the scientific committee for the 24th World Conference on Therapeutic Communities, which was held between 6-10 February in Lima, Peru.

The aim of the conference was to share the latest best practices on the matter of treating addictions and information about the educational and clinical project of the fundamental programs in the Therapeutic Communities.

Thanks to the representative's participation in the plenary session and the publication of the final report for the conference, Dianova has further increased its visibility in the highest circles, in both the public and private sectors.

Santiago (Chile) 
Dianova delegates and the CONACE/CICAD met during the month of April with the aim to coordinate the procedure required to become a strategic partner of theOrganization of American States (OAS). 
Dianova completed the documentation process required for recognition by this international organization.

In another context, a meeting was held in the UNESCO regional offices with the aim to begin the process for the future accreditation of Dianova's Las Marías School in Nicaragua, as a school associated to UNESCO.

Geneva (Switzerland) 
From 2-4 July – Participation in the Social Development Forum for NGO's – CONGO (CSDF 2009). The objective for the participating NGOs was to formulate a position and common recommendations with the aim to influence the work of ECOSOC, during the annual review about the MDOs (Millennium Development Objectives). View event's outcomes (pdf document)

In Nicaragua, Dianova has had an important role as receiver and participant in several projects:

  1. Initiating the accreditation process for the Las Marías School as a school associated to UNESCO.
  2. With UNODC endorsement, an agreement was made between Dianova and theGlobal Sports Fund for students from Las Marías School to participate and for a monitor to attend the International Youth Camp, to be held in Qatar in 2010. 
  3. An alliance was signed between Dianova in Nicaragua and the FAD (Foundation for Support against Drug Addiction) to apply prevention plans in the Las Marías School.

Medellin (Colombia) 
October – Participation in the FLACT ordinary meeting and in the 25th anniversary for the Hogares Claret Foundation.

At this meeting, Dianova presented a plenary speech and conducted a workshop. Both these activities reaffirm the importance of Dianova International's positioning amongst Latin American NGO's in the drugs area.

Veracruz (Mexico) 
The Latin American Biannual Therapeutic Communities Conference (FLACT), of which Dianova is a member on the Scientific Committee, provided significant visibility in the area of addictions within the Latin American geographical context..

TC Movement Faces New Challenges - download presentation (Spanish)

Gothenburg (Sweden) 
February 5-6 - Participation in the ECAD (European Cities against Drugs) Global Mayors Meeting and positioning Dianova in Sweden in an active position in the ECADin the Scandinavian region.

New Delhi (India) 
Contacts began in September between the SPYM (Society for the Promotion of Youth and Masses) and Dianova, at the SPYM 's request. Participation in this organization is being analyzed, since the network is considered of great interest for extending presence in Asian countries.