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Charter of accountability of the Dianova network

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Charter of Accountability of the Dianova Network


Dianova International, an NGO with Special Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, working in the fields of addiction, youth and education, its member organizations and foundations commit to respect and abide by Charter of Accountability presented herein, which derives directly from the first Charter of Accountability for NGO’s approved by an assembly of prominent international NGO’s meeting in London in 2006.

The Dianova Charter of Accountability is intended to supplement and complement the following documents previously approved by the Network:

  • The Dianova network Cooperative agreement signed in Lisbon in 2007
  • The Mission, Vision and Values of the Dianova Network
  • The general policies relating to social issues addressed by Dianova

We, the nonprofit organizations that are signatory to this Charter, work globally to advance human rights and sustainable development in the fields of addiction, education and youth. Our organizations are proud and privileged to work across a wide range of countries and cultures, with a diversity of peoples in varied economic, social and political systems. Our right to act is based on universallyrecognized concepts of freedom of speech, assembly and association and contributes to the development of the democratic processes and to the values we seek to promote.

Our legitimacy is derived from the quality of our work, and the recognition and support of the people with, and for whom, we work, in addition to, our donors, the wider public, and governmental and other nongovernmental organizations. By signing this Charter we seek to promote further the values of transparency and accountability that we stand for, and commit to respecting its provisions.

Read the whole Charter of Accountability of the Dianova Network (pdf document - 1,7 Mo)

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