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Relais Méthadone Montreal www.cran.qc.ca
Spectre de rue Montreal www.spectrederue.org
Le Bon Dieu dans la rue Montreal www.danslarue.com
Cactus Montreal www.cactusmontreal.org
Passages Montreal  
Douglas Hospital, MC Gill research center Montreal  
Ville-Marie Borough, Montreal Montreal  
Health Canada Montreal, Ottawa  
Dianova International New-York, Barcelona, Vienna http://bit.ly/Dianova_International
WFTC New York  
AIdQ Montreal www.aidq.com/
RAPSIM Montreal www.rapsim.org
Pharmacien Yvon Joly Terrebonne  
Dianova USA New York  http://bit.ly/2BgpELh
Barbarian Toronto  
Raising the roof Toronto  
Table de concertation du Faubourg Saint Laurent Montréal  
CIUSSS de Montréal Montreal  
CISSS de Lanaudière Joliette  
Middlegate, free advice helpline and website  London, England https://www.middlegate.co.uk 
Alcorehab.org provide information from the most reliable and up-to-date sources USA www.alcorehab.org