Supervised injection sites

le site d'injection supervisée Insite

The supervised injection sites (1) are reception areas for intravenous drug users among the most marginalized. Users can inject substances they bring themselves in a place protected with hygienic material. Injection rooms are also places of contact with users, through which stakeholders can share their prevention information, provide them with support resources addresses, etc.

Injecting rooms have a relative capacity of harm reduction, as the user makes himself the substance bought on the black market and therefore likely to be adulterated.
As a resource taken in isolation, the efficiency of injection rooms is very limited. These should always be associated with another harm reduction program to help increase the effectiveness of the overall program.

Harm reduction programs are based on a need for diversity. However, we consider that these programs should be given special attention to ensure:

The orientation of a user to a harm reduction program is the result of an accurate assessment, which takes into account the aspirations and needs of the person ... not because the program is the only available resource / or the cheapest.
They are lashed and used in synergy to advance the motivation and capabilities of users in order to direct them to other programs, more demanding, when prepared.
The theoretical foundations of the programs are in line with their practical application. For example: to ensure that the program has the necessary and sufficient resources to achieve both health and psychosocial objectives set.
(1) street slang uses the shooting galleries term for these resources, often mistaken for heroin substitution programs. The negative connotation of this term is very strong and directly associates injecting rooms in the drug trade.