The AQCID, a major player in Quebec


Dianova is an active member of the Quebec Association of Addictions Intervention Centres (AQCID). This group of 65 certified centers in 13 regions of Quebec, among others, aims to enforce the thoroughness and excellence in the quality of services to those affected by addiction.

Members of AQCID welcomed more than 11,000 individuals in 2012-2013.
Members of AQCID treatment centers offer, at any time, 2251 beds that cover a various amount of issues adapted to the situation of each individual. 

Several resources offer a support service to detoxification. These include 52 treatment centers providing access to programs ranging from 21 days to 5 months. Over and a dozen centers specialize in assisting people who have overcome the treatment phase and who have reached the phase of social reinsertion.

The diversity of services also include centers for women, men, mixed, and for Francophone, Anglophone and bilingual populations. These variety of features allow for  those affected to find a resource tailored to their need and reality.

Finally, the AQCID contributes to sustaining the important of regrouping and organising the entirety of the services offered by the addiction counsellors in Quebec, be it in the public, private or community sectors.


To learn more, visit the association's website